Un-friending Dmitry Medvedev

If you are a Russia watcher (and if you aren’t, why on earth are you reading this blog?) you will be up to speed about the big announcement over the weekend that Putin will be running for president of Russia in 2012. I don’t know about you, but I personally did not need to hold on to anything solid. As my friend Beth Knobel put it succinctly in the Huff Post in the one “must read” article on the topic:

“The news that Vladimir Putin will seek a new term as Russian president is about as surprising as Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi announcing that she’s going for another round of spray tanning.”

This made me wonder if the Brighton Beach sylphs from Russian Dolls were at all surprised/shocked/disappointed/jaded, or, indeed, even aware of the news that Putin will most likely be in power until 2024, until I told myself to stop being so silly. They can’t even spell “Putin,” let alone form an opinion about him, and quite right too. Not knowing nor indeed caring about who is running Russia is why their melancholy parents have been scrubbing floors for the past 25 years, so their progeny can focus all their attention on lip liner, Botox and getting a reservation at Rasputin for New Year’s.

I spent about 30 seconds feeling a little bit sorry for Dmitry “Lamest Duck Ever” Medvedev, if only because I think his tough cookie wife Mrs. Medvedeva is probably giving him a helluva time, but then I dismissed that as overly sentimental. HRH is always accusing me of being naïve about politics, and I daresay he’s right. It’s a shame, though, because I thought Medvedev was cute. I met him once for about 32 seconds during his halcyon days as First Deputy Prime Minister, when all he did was drive around and give money away. He seemed a nice guy, and he was very complimentary about some logistical duck tape I’d used strategically (sorry, I really can’t say more) so I was pleased when he got his promotion. I liked his iPad-toting style, even though it sometimes seemed like he had neglected to download the latest update of the app-for-that on what was actually going on in Russia, like that time Moscow was literally burning up and he announced he was rebranding the militia to be the politisia (which has not made one iota of difference.) I thought the Twitter thing was engaging, though he continuously refused to follow me. Let’s face it, though, nice though he was (note that we are all already using the past tense about him) he looked way too much like another nobbled-at-the-post loser Russian leader, Nicholas II (complete with strident, excessively religious wife and a son always kept in the shadows) to be in any way reassuring…

See what I mean?

I wasn’t going to stop following Medvedev on Twitter, though, because that seemed excessively harsh, but then I took a break from writing to check out the latest news and was really horrified to learn about the rank silliness with Alexei Kudrin, the I-guess-Former-but-probably-not-for-long-Finance Minister. Kudrin, who is a real geek, but knows how much oil there is in a barrel, had publically announced he would not serve under Medvedev as Prime Minister. Medvedev publically encouraged Kudrin to resign now, and Kudrin (nah-nah-nah nah-nah) said he’d have to consult with Vladimir Putin (the current-but-not-for-long) prime minister. What is this, people, the 8th grade? Even the Russian Dolls crowd are not this petty.

So, I am, like, totally un-following Medvedev. And I’m not alone.


Priveyt Readers!

Have you stopped following Medvedev? Have you unfriended him? Do you think Alexei Kudrin makes Amanda Seyfried in “Mean Girls” look nice? Do you think the Russian election will be interesting? Or does Rick Perry seem appealing in contrast? Let’s find out ! Hit the comment below and let rip! And stay tuned for more exciting Russian Dolls news, coming right up!

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